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TRIAL: New Knowledge Skill Rule

I’ve decided to trial run a modification on how Knowledge rolls will work, in order to better simulate real life knowledge skills and make it make a little bit more sense. This will be run on a trial basis for a few sessions, and if everyone likes it we will keep it permanently. If it’s not something that people like, we’ll instead revert to previous pathfinder rules regarding Knowledge checks. Feel free to comment any opinions you might have.

New Knowledge Rule

1) Most of the time, instead of rolling to see if you know something you will from now on take 10 and add your bonuses, which I believe better reflects real world knowledge.

2) If you are under time pressure (such as being in combat) you will instead roll, as their is a chance you’ll make an error in judgement or wrong assumption.

3) You can also “Investigate” something, which allows you to roll and discard any result below 10. This takes some time (Think a few minutes in game time.)

4) Finally you make take 20 if you want to spend a significant amount of time investigating something. (Think more along the lines of half a day in game time, with access to a library or some other source of relevant knowledge.)


jwc_graham jwc_graham

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