Jeremy Mill

Human Cleric


I grew up in a small farming village, where my parents had earned enough to buy a small tract of land which we farmed. We were still peasants, but after several years of good harvests, we had accumulated some small savings. I made some coin myself by working for villagers, especially the town healer, in the winter. At 16 I was quite bored with my small town life and wanted to see more of the world, so when an army recruiter visited my town, and I quickly signed up. I had saved up enough for a decent set of armor and a good polearm.

Three years later I was discharged and moved to a big city, where I spent my time studying in the local library and volunteering at the cathedral (I had saved up my salary from the army). Soon I was drawn into the world of the church, where I had a vision and became a follower of the Goddess Iomedae, and learned to cast divine magic. The teachings of the priests, as well as the very interesting readings I had done on what it means to be good, gave me a new purpose in life. I was also given a cloak of life keeping by the church elder for my services, before I set out once again on an adventure. I had no real destination in mind, but I soon met up in roadside taverns with some fellow restless spirits to travel with.

My Code of Ethics:

I consider myself a classical hedonistic utilitarian, which means that above all I value the happiness of sentient beings. I want to create as much pleasure in sentient creatures as possible. The means do not matter, only the end result. I am seriously dedicated to this theory, hence the Lawful part of lawful good.

Since all that matters is the end result, as long as I believe that my actions will create a net increase in happiness, I might do some strange things. Killing generally good people will probably not be one of them though, since that counts as a big negative (unless it’s out of mercy). Since a lawful society tends to increase happiness, I would tend towards not breaking the law, but if the law is actively causing harm, or someone is committing a victim less crime, I will genuinely not care.

While I’m mostly concerned about sentient creatures, I do care a little bit about animals. Basically I would assign their happiness as worth a fraction of that of intelligent creatures. Some intelligent creatures derive happiness from animals and nature, so I would have to worry about that as well. Basically, I won’t ride a horse to death to make 50 gold, but I will to prevent someone from breaking their leg. Not if the horse is someone’s best friend though.

I also don’t really care about who is experiencing pain or pleasure, even if they’re super evil. Super evil people are likely to cause a lot of harm though, so I definitely want to stop them from being super evil. I wouldn’t be down for retribution though, punishment only causes more pain.

I have decided that the best way for me to maximize happiness in the world is to gain power and wealth in order to have more influence. Which is why I’m hanging out with all these suspect characters- they’re means to an end. I can also get my hands dirty – but not too dirty – as long as it’s for the greater good. Oh, and since the Goddess Iomedae is the source of my power, I’ll defer to her over utilitarianism if I must. But again, religion is just a means to an end.

Jeremy Mill

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