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Update from last session
We broke the machine and freed the slaves

Now that the insane drilling machine has been disabled and the slaves have been freed the party has returned to the city of Blackhold.

There is still a mystery regarding the being that flew away during the commotion

Session Summary, September 13th
Leaving Blackhold

The group sold and purchased a few things, and realized their map of the Darkmoon Vale was actually magical. Much like the way they got to Blackhold, they returned to the Darkmoon Vale by simply using the map and then leaving the town. A few short combat encounters and several hours of walking later and they arrived in Mistwood.

From here, the group asked around. They had heard rumours that the captain had got burned by a group of wandering adventurers. The captain must know of their return, so why isn’t he dealing with them?

Sneaky Pete took the opportunity to ask around for information, and got denied at basically every turn. The bartender of the less-than-reputable tavern was much more amicable with Sneaky Petes ways, especially when considering the fact Sneaky Pete seemed to have no concept of what money was worth. The bartender redirected Sneaky Pete to a man in the fish market named Dwight Sails. Mister Sails was apprehensive as per usual, but agreed that if Sneaky Pete could deliver a closed box, unopened and undamaged to a man named Thuldrin Kreed, who runs Falcon’s Hollow, they could speak further about work. Thuldrin Kreed would pay something, but if the box wasn’t delivered or was tampered with, Thuldrin would kill Sneaky Pete.

Pete, understanding how these things worked, agreed that was fair and brought the box to the party. Some disagreements ensued, Jeremy Mill genuinely believed he could repair the box if they just took a second to glance inside it. In the end, as Sneaky Pete had done the legwork to actually obtain this job, they agreed to go with Sneaky Pete’s idea, and not tamper with the box.

The group began their journey south through the Darkmoon Vale, having decided the path was for losers and this way they would totally impress Thuldrin Kreed with their awesome package delivering speed. The group encountered an assassin vine which desperately attempted to kill them but didn’t succeed. Shortly after they encountered what appeared to be a large spider web which one of the more eagle eyed members noticed had a giant spider beside it in a tree it was made on.

The group dispatched the spider, while several hundred smaller spiders attacked Dionysus who promptly began dry heaving. Once the smaller spiders were also dispatched, Dionysus passed out on the horse, exhausted and frightened.

Chet Manley found atop the spider webbing a ring. Once he brought it down, Razamuth identified it as the Prisoner pair to a Jailers ring. Without listening to what exactly that means, Chet quickly put the ring on, as he felt it was fashionable. Unfortunately, Chet is now unable to remove the ring. Someone, wearing the jailers ring associated with the prisoners ring, got a “blip” that someone was wearing the ring, and was alive. Confusing, possibly, but not impossible.

The group proceeded to make their way further on, briefly interrupted by Jeremy and Razamuth having an aside about how a powerful wizard could be listening in at any time they happen to be within 10 feet of Chet. Not sure how this affected them, they continued on. Eventually with a few short encounters between them, they reached Falcon’s Hollow relatively without incident.

The group is now looking at the North Gate of Falcon’s Hollow, preparing to enter.

Session Summary, September 20th

This week the party arrived in Falcon’s Hollow. The party mostly gathered intelligence and information throughout the days they spent there. They discovered that, by and large, Thuldrin is not appreciated much in the town. Some people don’t seem to mind him, but he’s very cruel to most of the inhabitants of the town.

At this point a lot of the group split up and went separate ways. Dionysus and Chet Manley went to a brothel to meet the local women. Jeremy Mill went to the church to meet with the local priestess and ask about removing the cursed ring that Chet Manley was wearing. Sneaky Pete snuck around, Pete-like. Razamuth Almodian took this opportunity while the rest of the group was doing things to make a few scrolls for later adventures.

The following day, the group reconvened to find Thuldrin Kreed in order to deliver his package. They climbed the hill overlooking Falcon’s Hollow, which they learned was called “The Perch”. There, guards were posted to keep the general riff-raff out. Upon questioning the group announced their intention, and the guard went to fetch Kreed.

Kreed met up with them, and unceremoniously shot the box off the top of Sneaky Pete’s head. Looking thoroughly amused, he explained that it was simply a test to see if the group would try and open the box. As they didn’t, they had tentatively gained some trust. Upon questioning about payment, Kreed laughed and sent them to Vade who might give them a job for payment.

Slightly begrudgingly, perhaps, the group accepted his offer and moved on to meet with Vade at his house. After a brief run-in with his son, they saw Vade. Vade seemed slightly cheerful at the opportunity, as though he had needed something. He asked the group to return two dead rhinos to him, at which point he would reward them. Sneaky Pete asked about how they would possibly transport two full grown rhinos, and Vade agreed that seemed challenging, and handed Pete a letter to deliver to anyone at the cutyard.

Razamuth inspected the letter by use of Detect Magic and decided that… it MUST be a .. letter of controlly-brains. Somehow though he was still a little uncomfortable about the idea of being too close, and let Pete do the honours. When Pete handed the letter to a man, who we came later to know as Bob Jackofwood, he cheerfully opened the letter only to have it explode in his face, instantly killing him. Everyone around the cutyard looked disgusted and terrified, but perhaps not surprised. The group acquired their horses and carts, and after a quick run-in with a local herbalist and a funeral procession delivered by Jeremy Mill, they set off north.

The group decided to stick to the trail for the first day of travel. They made a significant headway north, and eventually decided to rest, with Chet Manley and Dionysus keeping watch.

After Dionysus’ uneventful watch, Chet Manley took over. A couple of hours into it, he saw some rustling in tall grass. He decided to wake everyone up, and everyone arose except for Jeremy who thought it was a waste of time. Soon after, a bison erupted from the grass. Strange, everyone thought, as it was late at night/very early morning.

Everyone prepared to get involved with whatever this was, except Jeremy who was still groggily moaning about how he didn’t “wanna”. This was when the bison charged past the group, and three vaguely ghost-like dogs erupted from the tall grass chasing it.

The group instantly made their way into a defensive stance, as the dogs and bison began to rush past. As one of the dogs neared, Razamuth took his opportunity! He nailed the dog for significant damage with Magic Missile! This is when it shrieked in Sylvan that they were being flanked, and two other dogs immediately dimensional doored beside Razamuth.

The team quickly converged trying to save their wizard, who immediately realized his grave error. Razamuth sat on the ground, raised his hands, and began speaking incredibly apologetically in Sylvan. The rest of his party, not understanding what was being said, tentatively watched until they finally joined in in the surrender. The Blink Dogs told Razamuth he ought to pay more attention before he initiates combat, and with that warning teleported elsewhere.

The team all went back to bed, until the morning came for them to set off again, in search of rhinos.

TRIAL: New Knowledge Skill Rule

I’ve decided to trial run a modification on how Knowledge rolls will work, in order to better simulate real life knowledge skills and make it make a little bit more sense. This will be run on a trial basis for a few sessions, and if everyone likes it we will keep it permanently. If it’s not something that people like, we’ll instead revert to previous pathfinder rules regarding Knowledge checks. Feel free to comment any opinions you might have.

New Knowledge Rule

1) Most of the time, instead of rolling to see if you know something you will from now on take 10 and add your bonuses, which I believe better reflects real world knowledge.

2) If you are under time pressure (such as being in combat) you will instead roll, as their is a chance you’ll make an error in judgement or wrong assumption.

3) You can also “Investigate” something, which allows you to roll and discard any result below 10. This takes some time (Think a few minutes in game time.)

4) Finally you make take 20 if you want to spend a significant amount of time investigating something. (Think more along the lines of half a day in game time, with access to a library or some other source of relevant knowledge.)


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