Note: Everything on this page is what you as a group know about this municipality, that hasn’t expressly been stated between a player and GM as a secret. What this means is you can assume your character has ALL the info on this page without metagaming, assuming they’ve had any downtime at all with each other to confer.

General Info


Mistwood is a small town of a few hundred citizens, all except for a small handful of which are human. It is located in the dangerous woods of the Darkmoon forest. If asked by any sort of official, Mistwood is by and large a self sustaining farm village which will occasionally venture out into the lumber trade to bring an influx of currency into the town.

You realize, however, that something appears to be not quite what it seems. There is a rather busy Port for such a small town, and a lot of the residents have no interest in sharing information about the port. Some residents genuinely don’t want to know and can clearly be seen going about their lives without stepping on any toes.

Notable Residents

Mayor Albert Sherwood — Mayor of Mistwood
Captain Steve — Steve runs the town guard.
Mister Sails — Mister Sails seems to be involved in the smuggling ring.
Billy the Barkeep — Barkeeper at the Murky Ale Tavern.

Smuggling Ring

Mistwood is in some way involved in a smuggling ring. The ring seems to be headed in part by Captain Steve and Mister Sails, but beyond that you know very little about it. The town keeps the details of the ring secret to outsiders – and you’ve done little to gain anyone’s trust. Captain Steve in particular is wary of the group of you.


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